Oxygen and the Brain: the Journey of our Lifetime


"There is no more scientific and  critical action than to correct lack of oxygen"



Why has this book been written?  Because most illnesses and injuries are associated with lack of oxygen (hypoxia) and what is in the air is often not enough to ensure adequate healing.  Drugs cannot replace oxygen and more needs to be given to patients especially to treat disorders of the brain.


Who is this book written for?  You and those you care for to provide essential information about using oxygen in treatment. It is published in thousands of papers but not taught in medical schools leaving doctors unaware that all healing depends on the presence of sufficient oxygen.


Oxygen controls our most important genes that control new capillary growth, empower white blood cells to remove debris and regulate the release of stem cells  to allow tissue repair. These discoveries rank alongside the determination of the structure of DNA.


Drugs are failing to treat brain disorders  from birth injuries, head injuries, multiple sclerosis, through to dementia in old age, because lack of oxygen is neither acknowledged nor corrected by giving more oxygen. Even after years brain cells may not be dead but sleeping.


Simple pressure chambers are all that is needed to give higher levels of oxygen. Aircraft are hyperbaric chambers and they are equipped with oxygen breathing equipment. But there is no finance to promote oxygen and Medicine exists is a parallel universe denying the gas most essential to life.


N.B. Medical professionals are not trained  to use oxygen treatment, or to operate the equipment needed. Some even say that oxygen i.e. breathing is not proven (!) or safe - it is lack of oxygen that is dangerous.


“Consumers (patients) have the right- to safety, the right to be informed, the right to choose, and the right to be heard.”  President John F. Kennedy, 1962.




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